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9th-Dec-2011 10:46 pm
soabirdcameand: (And then nothing happened)
character info.
NAME. Wheatley
SERIES. Portal.
AGE. ????????
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. Average height and weight.
APPEARANCE. guy on the right.


Somehow, he's managed to not take any actual lasting damage. Since his last death, I mean.

LODGINGS. Arrived | December 9 (Day 22 Alpha Phase)
Staying | 206/Hold 1 Container with Chell
POSSESSIONS. Has managed to acquire a pair of Longfall Boots from the merchants. He has a pair of broken glasses, repaired with tape in the middle. He acquired several exceedingly useless trinkets such as a spinning top, markers, gummy vitamins, and so on. Has a hand-drawn star map of Alpha given to him by Chell.
WEAPONS. Nothing
GOALS. Try and start as peaceful and painless a new life as possible. Don't die. Maybe make friends or something.
TRIGGERS. Nothing in particular.
MENTAL INFO. While not exactly a nutter in any regard, he's extremely defensive about any implication that he's not working with a full set. Also he's just a little bit spacey and rude in general, though he tries not to be.
FOURTH-WALLING. Yeah, if you really want, I guess?
PHYSICAL CONTACT. He'll get a bit flaily about it, but he'll get a bit flaily about everything.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. He's a robot, it's gonna take some very odd circumstances to get any romance happening.
INJURE/KILL. Injury is good, but please ask before killing
DEVICE HACKING. Oh sure, he can't put up a firewall worth balls. Though, uh, don't hack into his actual brain without asking, ok? ON A RELATED NOTE: Any attempts Wheatley might make to plug into another device may result in it breaking or glitching or just not working as well. I guess this is the place to say if you're cool with that or not!
THREADJACKING. Go right ahead!

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