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Character Relations - ALPHA ROUND 
9th-Dec-2011 10:48 pm
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Chell Portal
Hooooo boy. These two. They have been through... events. Wheatley is still a bit dumbfounded at the idea that she's forgiven him, and that they actually seem to be on the mend a little. It's something truly surreal to see this unstoppable woman open up, smile, maybe even be a friend. Now that they really do seem to have moved on, he really wants this good mood to keep up. She is, after all, the largest reminder of all he's messed up, and if she can forgive him, then who knows what's in store for him. So long as she doesn't end up hanging out with GLaDOS too much...
This guy. Through sheer stubborn pleasantness, Eike has managed to force his way into being the one person Wheatley really trusts, and boy, is it ever a weird feeling. But Eike never, ever judges Wheatley for anything he does, and wholly encourages every new idea. It's completely dumbfounding, and something in Wheatley is pushing him to actually try and be as good as Eike thinks he is.
Jack Spicer Xiaolin Showdown
Jack is Wheatley's go-to for repairs, though he wishes the kid wouldn't get so snippy about doing the favor. That attitude about being evil worries Wheatley a bit, too, and doesn't like the potential for where things could go with Jack. He does rather like the two Jackbots AJ and Desmond, though, nice fellows. Why can't Jack listen to them a little more?
GLaDOS Portal
Maya Fey Ace Attorney
An odd cookie for sure, but Wheatley detects a kindred spirit of great, unrealized ideas in her. They understand each other, if not for the fact that there seems to be a miscommunication between them about 80% of the time.
The Doctor Doctor Who
Now here's a guy people should listen to. Wheatley really likes this guy, got a good head on his shoulders, for certain. Knows a good idea when he sees one, too, definitely appreciates some good thinking outside the box.
Lawrence Russel Original Character
Ugh, THIS guy. What a prat. There's something weirdly smug about him that really turns Wheatley off, like he just wants to take this kid down a peg. He can't put his finger on it, though, just that cheery attitude, acting all buddy-buddy just because they're friends with Eike and talked about "love" once.
Razputin Aquato Psychonauts
A quirky sort of kid, but Wheatley figures he's pretty all right. Questions things just a smidge more than ideal, but overall not a bad fella to shoot the breeze with. Could do without getting called an alien all the time, not sure what's up with that.
Ivan Karelin Tiger & Bunny
Met Wheatley on the beach. Sort of taught him to walk, kind of. An all right sort of guy. He told Wheatley about Santa and altruism. Wheatley's not sure if he gets it, though.
What an obnoxious little creature. Wheatley finds her more or less insufferable, with her snidey little comments and bragging about how great being a cat is. On the other hand, company is company, even if it's annoying and smug.
Gamzee Makara Homestuck
Wheatley's roommate, who freaks him out like no other. He's really not sure what to make of the clearly unstable alien, but he knows that he'd rather not be on his bad side.
Feferi Peixes Homestuck
Wheatley actually thinks she seems pretty nice! Weird, sure, comes with alien territory, but awful friendly. After a nasty outburst about his past, though, he's a little bit twitchy about talking to her.
Sollux Captor Homestuck
On the one hand, this guy's a moody little snot who really needs to learn some manners when it comes to other peoples' ideas. Wheatley can, however, respect someone who agrees that humans are really odd.
Alec Campion Swordspoint
This smarmy little bugger. A real attitude problem, this one's got, doesn't recognize a genius when he sees one, either. Unbelievable.
Laughing Beauty Metal Gear Solid 4
And what the bloody hell does she know about how robots work, anyway? Does she think it's funny, making assumptions about how they're brainless automatons? It's not funny! STOP LAUGHING!
Caboose Red vs. Blue
Rrrrright, uh, friendly fellow, very nice, but clearly not entirely... right in the head. Can still talk, so maybe not terrible brain damage, but... maybe it would be better if he couldn't talk, yeah?
Creepy sort of guy, that's for sure, and awfully, er. Curious about him being a robot. Gives off snobbish sort of vibes.
Garrett Hawke Dragon Age
Seems... nice. Ish. Doesn't approve of being evil. Which is good! But for some reason, a little unnerving. Wheatley has the sneaking suspicion he shouldn't get this guy annoyed with him.
Augh.... more terrifying women with guns. Where do they all come from, aren't there enough around already...?
Velma Dinkley Scooby Doo
Offered to help Wheatley out with any tech problems in the future, definitely nice to have as a backup. Certainly seems a lot more pleasant an option than Jack, anyway.
Utsuho Reiuji Touhou Project
She thinks his name is a whistle... what a weirdo. Couldn't really make heads or tails of what she was about, sounded like she was eating zombies, definitely not healthy.
Giselle Enchanted
Now, Wheatley's all for optimism. Optimism's great, he's got it in spades! But he thinks there's something bordering on unhealthy with this one. Takes it a bit too far, she does. Well, so long as she's a nice chat, he won't complain.

Dropped Characters 
Graham Specter Baccano!
Well, he seems pretty friendly. Loud, cheery sort of person. And he wants Wheatley to be his partner in some sort of club! So... that's good... right...?
If anything, Wheatley's just a bit embarrassed for having lost his "cool" in front of this little human while running from a monster attack. Not that he blames himself, just a bad first impression.
Roxy Lalonde Homestuck
Weird sort of girl. Wheatley was sort of malfunctioning when they spoke, so all he remembers is a lot of confusion and giggling.
Kara Thrace Battlestar Galactica
Touchy sort of woman. Clearly has issues with robots, he really wishes she wouldn't take them out on him. Well, sure, it's not like she's wrong, but he hasn't done anything to her, right? Calm down, honestly.
Eleanor Lamb BioShock
She's spooky, yes, but the fact is that she's promised to help Wheatley get the euphoria he needs. He's willing to ignore all sorts of creepiness about her so long as she gets him his test-free drug. Heck, he's willing to do a lot of things for that...
Hmm. Kid's awfully eager to share all that weird war-stuff he's got going on back home. Sort of a downer, isn't he?
Rochelle Left 4 Dead
Probably the only person Wheatley would qualify as both 'pleasant' and 'normal.' He doesn't know her that well, but those are two pretty good qualifiers right there.
Amy Pond Doctor Who
Got to be honest here, she terrifies him. She's got that accusing look about her, like she knows he could go bad at any minute, and all judgey and intense... Wheatley just wants to keep on her good side.
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